Jose Lorenzo Studio

Animation & Motion Design.

Five loop animations for the website
Walk Cycles by Ralph
Animation Lab
Yammer · SEAT
Animation for Yammer App, a Social Network of Seat Company
The New Yorker Magazine
Animated Cover - January 2019
Impossible Foods
Short animations for Social Networks
Casa Testori
Short Animation for Expo
Generalitat de Cataluya
Animated spot for TV. "Reforma Horaria"
Short Animations for some Apple Apps
New York Times
Short animations for Science Posts
Magoz GIFs 2023
Animated Concepts illustrated by Mágoz
Get fit with Bernard
Animation Lab
One Show Pencil
Animation for The One Show, the world's most prestigious award show in advertising.
Future Without Bars
Animation for an NGO of assistance to prisoners families
Animation for the "ENDINGHIV" campaign. 2021
Impossible Foods
Animation for website. "Values"
Amazon Pay
Animations for Social Networks
Animation for the "Muster Magazine" cover
New York Public Library
Animated cover for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Magoz GIFs 2019
Animated Concepts illustrated by Mágoz
Shorts animations for SEAT
Some animations for SEAT Campaign
Magoz GIFs 2018
Animated Concepts illustrated by Mágoz
Migros 2018
A Short animation for Migros Engagement
MIT Technology Review
Christmas animation for MIT Technology Review
MB Animated gifs
Three animated gifs for Moving Brands
Migros 2017
A Short animation for Migros Engagement
2017 GIFs
Animated GIFs illustrated by Mágoz
Arca Blanca
Animated Concepts for Arca Blanca
Animations for The New Yorker Magazine
Animations Illustrated by Anna Parini for three articles published in the Personal Histories section on May 9th
Migros Christmas 2016
Animation for Christmas greeting
Animations "Nueva Medicina"
Animations to promote a medical book
Gifs Icons for web
Some loops animations for website
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